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Fifty Flavors Fudge Shoppe

Sweet Mother of Fudge!

Meet Jenn.

She inherited three fudge flavors,

but wanted 50.

Now she has over 250!

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A Matter of Fudge!

Growing up in a “fudge family” meant Jenn was always eating fudge, making fudge or talking about fudge – and she didn’t think there was anything weird about that. Her family fudge recipe came from her grandmother, and included details for only three flavors – Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Butterscotch. To some, this would have been enough. But for Jenn it was only the beginning.


“I believe fudge should be as exciting as any other dessert. The feeling that I get when I walk into a candy store or an ice cream shop and see all the colors and flavors is pure joy – and fudge should be no different.”


Jenn’s concept for a fudge business revolved around her ambition to create fifty flavors of unbelievably delicious and beautiful fudge that could change people’s perception of what fudge could be. So in 2020, Fudge By Jenn was launched. She experimented with the family recipe until she created a fudge base that could handle high-impact flavor, while still able to keep the smooth texture her family fudge was known for. (And of course, keeping the original three flavors nearly identical to her grandmother’s.)


It didn’t take long for word to get out about Fudge By Jenn, and for the next few years, Jenn was active in vendor shows around the city, had her fudge carried in various retail locations, and filled porch pick up orders, all while looking for that next new flavor. By 2024, Jenn had cataloged 250 flavors – each one unique and delicious.


By this point, Fudge By Jenn had run its course as a trial-and-error side hustle and was upgraded to

Fifty Flavors Fudge Shoppe.

Fifty Flavors is premium, small-batch artisan fudge that will blow your fudging mind. Every piece is hand-made, hand-cut and hand-packaged. Whether you're looking to satisfy your own sweet tooth, or give the delicious gift of old-fashioned fudge, Fifty Flavors is your one-stop, Cincinnati fudge shoppe!

Fifty Flavors Fudge Shoppe
Fifty Flavors Fudge Shoppe
Fifty Flavors Fudge Shoppe
Fifty Flavors Fudge Shoppe
Fifty Flavors Fudge Shoppe
Fifty Flavors Fudge Shoppe
Fifty Flavors Fudge Shoppe
Fifty Flavors Fudge Shoppe

What the Fudge?

Q: What makes Fifty Flavors different from other fudge?

A: Texture and flavor. Our delicious, third-generation recipe has a unique smoothness, along with high-impact flavor. Plus, it's just fudging pretty.

Q: Do you really have 50 flavors?

A: There are actually over 250 flavors! ...Just not all at once. At any time, there could easily be a dozen or two fresh flavors to choose from, and room for custom requests. Check out the ordering page for the current options and to place an order. 


Q: The flavor I want is not currently available... what do I do?

A: Send an email to and we'll talk through your custom order request.


Q: How do I store it?

A: In the refrigerator, where it will stay fresh and smooth for up to eight weeks. 

Q: Can I freeze it?

A: Yep! Keep it in as large a piece as possible and store it in a freezer bag. 

Q: Do you ship?

A: Not yet!

Q: Is Fifty Flavors in stores?

A: Yes! Fifty Flavors is carried full-time at Bea's Flowers in Mason, and other retail locations periodically. If you're interested in wholesale purchases for your storefront, send an email to

Q: What is Jenn's favorite fudge flavor?

A: Chocolate Orange, with Banana Pudding close behind!

Q: Is it gluten free?

A: An ingredient list is included on the packaging. Although most flavors use gluten-free ingredients (except for the addition of cookies or other mix-ins), we do not claim any flavor to be "gluten-free" because we operate in a home-kitchen that is not gluten-free.


Q: What's in it?

A: Our fudge uses traditional ingredients including sugar, evaporated milk, butter, chocolates and flavorings. All products are home produced and contain milk and soy. All products may also contain peanuts, tree nuts, and wheat. All products are made in a home kitchen with known food allergens, including but not limited to: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, and sesame.

Q: Do you have sugar-free options?

A: Absolutely fudging not. 

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